HRCH Scarbers Maine Chance Via North Carolina Westwinds MH
Win's Northcreek Counterpunch JH
CH Freezer's Quail Run T-K-O- Punch CH Clipper's Frozen Assets
CH Quail Run's Watership Down
Colonial's Winnie-By-Gosh MH DC AFC Gambler's Dilwyn-Stacked Deck MH WDQ
FC AFC Deepwater Ripley Believeitor
Westwind's As Good As Gold *** DC AFC Westwind's Rudy Of Nordais CH AFC Caroway's Wild Goose Chase
Nordais Harry’s Plume
CH Lzy Mtn Abbygale's Creekside Piper AFC Distagon's Atv Of Nordais
Hurricane Abbygale Of Creekside MH
Pedigree generated by
GCH CH Blizzard Bay Shadow of Rose JH WDX Westwind Whispering Cove MH WDQ*** CH Silvercreek Murray Samuel MH CGC WDQ*** CH Risky Rivers Manhtan Skyline JH WD
CH Silvercreek I Dream of Jeane
CH Westwind Stitch In Time JH DC/AFC Gamblers Dilwyn-Stacked Deck MH WDQ***
Westwind Mackenzie Gold Rush
Redlions Blizzard Bay Splash JH WDX GCH Double Coats Christmas Joy CH Redlions Hit Doctor MH WDQ
CH Double Coats Alexia Amber WDX
Redlions Red Wagon CH River Ridge Open to the Public JH WD
Redlions Rich and Strange