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 Winter 2019  --  Blizzard Bay Pups

Pups estimated ready for homes end of January 2019

HRCH CH Scarbers Maine Chance Via North Carolina Westwinds MH 
CH Blizzard Bay Triple Tea Shot JH WD

(Contact Brian at 814-504-5044 or email me for more information.) 

  Combined Pedigree  
HRCH Scarbers Maine Chance Via North Carolina Westwinds MH 
OFA Hips EXCELLENT - CB-11271E24M-VPI, Eblows - CB-EL3042M24-VPII, DM - Normal, PRA, and EIC tested normal/ clear, Eyes - CB-EYE1023/27M-VPI
CH Blizzard Bay Triple Tea Shot JH WD
OFA Hips Good - CB-11634G27F-VPI, Elbows - CB-EL3370F27-VPI, DM - Normal CB-DM2478/21F-PI, PRA - CB-PRA188/21F-PI,EIC CB-EIC334/21F-PI, Eyes - CB-EYE1228/28F-VPI,  Ectodermal Dysplaysia - Carrier - CB-ED46/8F-PI-CAR
Chance is a well trained and bred dog. He earned his HRCH from UKC and his AKC Master Hunt title. He is an extremely friendly dog with a lot of talent. He also has a nice pedigree with a ton of field work titles. Tessa is my shadow. She gets to go almost every where with me. She is great with kids, other dogs and is my son's junior show dog. We are still developing her retrieving skills as she is a young dog at two. She does nice double marks and has been started on T work.
This is a repeat breeding.  We wanted more people to have a pup from this pair.  The picture above in the middle is a pup (our Moose) from the first breeding.  The Chance and Tessa pairing will produce pups of great conformation with excellent temperaments, and hunting capabilities.  Give us a call to discuss the litter to find out more about these two great dogs. 

 Spring 2020 - Blizzard Bay Pups

    Fireweed's The King Of Cool QAA     x     CH Penrose Betty Bach JH WD
"McQueen"                                                "Star"

(Contact Brian at 814-504-5044 or email me for more information.) 

  Combined Pedigree  
Fireweed's The King Of Cool ***
PRA, DM, EIC Clear by parentage, Eye Cert. Clear, Hip Cert. Good CB-11549G24M-VPI, Elbow Cert. Normal CB-EL3298M24-VPI
CH Penrose Betty Bach JH WD  PRA A (Normal/Clear), DM and,  EIC Clear by parentage, 
Eye Cert. CB-EYES542/13F-VPI
Hip Cert. Excellent CB-10916E24F-VPI, Elbow Cert. Normal CB-EL2736F24-VPI
McQueen comes from a of proven field and show line of Chesapeakes by Fireweed.  I watched him run the derby at the last ACC field trial specialty (which he took 1st place in) and really liked his work and line manners.  He is currently running derbies with an occasional qualified stake.  He has JAM'd and placed in multple events putting him on the derby list.  He placed  third at the ACC qualified stake and second place in a recent Q before the age of two. More pictures of Star can be found on the Chesapeake Female and Hunt/Trial/Show page.  Star is my favorite hunting partner.  Star picks up geese with ease.  She is tireless in the field.  She is great with kids, hunts well, and has incredible structure.  She has points  towards her Grand Champion title.  We are also continuing her training for more advanced field work.
McQueen and Star will make for a great pair.  Field and Show prospects will be produced in this litter.  As always we prefer hunting homes and will further push for competition/hunt test homes for this particular breeding.