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Blizzard Bay Chesapeakes
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Breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Turkey Creek and Blizzard Bay Chesapeakes are dedicated to breeding Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for hunting, conformation, and companions.  We breed these dogs because we enjoy being around them.  We are located in north-western Pennsylvania.  The Turkey Creek kennel was started by my father in 1995.  He was searching for a hunting companion.  He liked the Chesapeake's sturdiness, drive, and disposition.  His first Chesapeake was a male named "Red".  Red was extremely good at retrieving geese.  My father's next dog was "Mossy".  She turned out to be a jumper.  She would make her retrieves with style by launching herself into the water and making the retrieve.  Each of these dogs conformed to breed standards but each had there own personalities.   The dogs get to retrieve ducks/geese from ponds, streams, fields, and Lake Erie.  We also take the dogs upland bird hunting.

The Blizzard Bay kennel name will be used on dogs that I will be breeding.  The name of course comes from the white out blizzards our region gets and the close proximity of Presque Isle Bay.  Every duck hunter will tell you a blizzard during prime duck season is awesome for hunting!

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